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What is Image Butler

It’s a simple image server written based on Flask framework.


Using pip

pip install ImageButler

Configuration & Environment Variables

Create image_butler.conf referring following example:

SQLALCHEMY_DATABASE_URI = 'sqlite:////<path-to-your>/ImageButler.db'
SERVER_NAME = 'image.local-domain:5000'
REDISLITE_PATH = '<path-to-your>/ImageButler.rdb'
REDISLITE_WORKER_PID = '<path-to-your>/'

Export environment variables:

export FLASK_APP=imagebutler
export IMAGEBUTLER_CONFIGS=path/to/your/image_butler.conf

For others configuration please referring to documents of Flask, Flask-Login, Flask-SQLAlchemy… (please check requirements.txt).


Please go to the project’s repository for more information.