How did we build fun tech researching

How did we build

Building a information website using Wordpress, Druppal or Django is a little bit overkill; as we do not want to waste our methods and works into developing and maintenance such complex systems. In this article we will tell you how this website is built without the back-end site.

Hugo - a static site generator

Hugo logo

When we decided to build new website for our group, the first thing came into our mind is WordPress. It’s well known and being used as blogs and websites around the world, but WordPress, along with other CMS and frameworks required us to spend time and methods into developing and maintenance. In fact, we are: - Lack of resources: our server is not only used for hosting Web, as we are running tools and services for other purposes. - We do not want to spend much time to developing and customization in both front-end and back-end of the website. - We want to control our website, for testing and trying new technologies, so Tumblr or Blogspot is also out of options.

Static site generators are seem to be a good options, since they are easy to install, plus you can host the generated contents anywhere you like, static files will be served fast behind web server, markdown is supported so the contents are easy to deliver and to be moved from other platforms. You can try some static site generator tools like Jekyll (Ruby), Hexo (JS) or Hugo (Go).

We decided to give Hugo a chance, and surprisingly, it is fast, easy to use and configure. One big plus for Hugo is its clear documentation comparing to Jekyll and Hexo. Hugo is also flexible, it supports many format in contents or configuration. It’s just fit into your needs.

Isso - 3rd party comments service

Isso screen shot

How can we add comments function into a website if it is a static file without back-end process? But it is not impossible. There are many third party service for that. We use a self-host program written in Python called Isso, which is lightweight and also easy to integrate with.

You don’t like Isso? There are other options here.

Basscss - Simple stylesheet framework

I like Basscss because of it’s lightweight and high performance style, not complex like Bootstrap. Basscss also works well with other CSS framework.

Google’s Code Prettify

Code Prettify help source code snippet look more pretty. It’s support many programing language and is shipped with 1 default and 4 more skins. But if you want you can find more themes here.